Thursday, February 21, 2008

journal 3

I think that the british plans were not very that effective.As the japanese were cleverer as they were have some stragegies.I think the japanese plans were more effective.The british actually could win as they were lack of amos and soldier.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

journal 2

During chinese new year I went to my cousin house to celebrate chinese new year.I PLAY x box then i wish my relatives good luck and i receive ang baos.The next day iwent to my another grand mother house and i did the same thing and go home.

journal 1

This is my first time writing a journal on the net.I know some things about about how to become a responsible citizen on the net.The most important thing is never ever write anything bad as I will not be able to login for 1 year. The second thing is never send anything that is personal to you.The last thing is do not write in capital letters as you are like shouting.That is the 3 most important thing i know.