Sunday, August 9, 2009

Journal Writing T3W3 : Effects of Preventive Measures on Pupils

I think that they are all useful habits to prevent h1n1 measures.As for me, i dont have any CCA so it dosent affect me at all but for other students who have CCAS they do.Since all p6 have to take PSLE,we still have to attend lessons so it dosent affect my studies.Outside my school activities are just tuition and they take everyones tempreature before entering the classrooms

Reflection T3W4: Cyber Addiction

My favourite game is Maplestory.For me i normally spend 1 and a half hours or sometimes 2 hours.It affected my daily routine by not playing badminton with my sister or sometimes may affect my eating periods.To prevent cyber addiction i will suggeast my friend to spend more time on outdoor sports,watch TV drama or read more books to expand his vocabularly.